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We are attorneys at law who joined forces in 2010 in order to offer our clients our combined legal expertise and professional experience. The high quality of our legal work is a product of the extensive background of our partners, obtained by working with renowned Hungarian and international law firms for a number of years. Thus, we impose for ourselves the highest professional standards. We are distinguished from other law firms by a broad legal background which has fully prepared us to serve our clients' most diverse individual needs, enabling us to always deliver tailor-made legal solutions. We offer legal services in Hungarian, English and German language.

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Our law firm is a member of act legal, a new and innovative alliance of 10 leading continental European law firms and around 300 first class corporate and commercial lawyers, tax consultants and business experts. act legal is a one-stop solution for efficient and top-quality legal advice in Europe.

act legal offers the market the best of all legal consultancy worlds, by combining top partner-led, local law firms with international professionalism with a significant track records and high-quality legal services on reasonable terms.

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Corporate law and M&A

We contribute to our clients’ most versatile legal transactions, ranging from the civil agreements affecting everyday life to complex international M&A transactions, with the utmost care. In this respect, we have gained significant experience in conducting due diligence procedures. details

Labor Law and Compliance

We regularly contribute to the development of employment contracts, internal regulations and collective employment relationships for our corporate clients, as well as in the cautious termination of employment relationships. In labour litigation, we traditionally provide legal representation for our corporate clients, but we are not afraid to represent the employee side either. details

IT and Software Law

We have extensive experience in IT and software law. Our clients often come to us to help them with their various industry-related contracts to prepare (such as software development and support, license and transfer agreements), to review, and to review their (online) business models for legal compliance, whether planned or in the pipeline, or help them with consulting as needed. details

Competition law

Clients can turn to us in trust with their competition law related cases as well since our attorneys have significant competition law experience ranging from customer protection cases to the approvals of mergers. details

Data protection and GDPR

Since the entry into force of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its implementation in the Member States, the field of data protection has received increased attention, on which our law firm provides regular legal advice and practical solutions. details

Real estate

Our Law Office gladly undertakes to draft and revise documents relating to the transfer of property, use of real estates, agreements aiming at the formation of real estates, condominium documents, as well as other documents connected to the above. details

Litigation, representation in other proceedings and dispute resolution

Our attorneys regularly represent our clients in litigious and out-of-court proceedings, as well as before other dispute resolution fora and in administrative proceedings. In property law related disputes, we assist our clients in debt collection procedures, lawsuits for the payment of damages, in liquidation and winding-up procedures, and we also have wide experience in settling other civil law and commercial law related matters and labour disputes. details

Advertising and media law

One of the most specialized areas of our law firm portfolio is advertising and media law consulting. In this context, we provide background support to media market players, which allows them to market their services in compliance with all legal requirements applicable to their area of their activity whether as a generic or even special industry rule. details

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual properties form an integral part of the day-to-day business of companies, should it be slogans, graphical elements or other solutions. We easily deal with the handling of inventions, trademarks, patents and know-how, their registration in Hungary and/or the EU or at an international level. We assist in ensuring that your intellectual properties are always in the utmost safety. Besides, we regularly draft agreements relating to the use an exploitation of the specific objects of intellectual property. In the case of a breach of intellectual property rights, we assist our clients in seeking legal remedies and in litigation for the payment of damages. details

Our law firm in the finals of the Wolters Kluwer Lawyers Awards - Bán-Karika ügyvédi blog
Our law firm in the finals of the Wolters Kluwer Lawyers Awards

Wolters Kluwer launched their competition for the fourth time this year, aiming the appreciation of the outstanding performers of the Hungarian legal professionals.

LAWorld LNG Meeting, Amsterdam - Bán-Karika ügyvédi blog
LAWorld LNG Meeting, Amsterdam

Two of our colleagues represented our law firm in the first global LAWorld Next Generation meeting in Amsterdam


During the term of the employment – with some exceptions – the employee may not show such a behaviour which would jeopardize the employer’s lawful economic interests. The question arises whether the employee is bound to such obligation also following the termination of the employment relation, and if affirmative, what the employee is entitled to for the performance of such obligation.

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1117 Budapest, Alíz u. 1.
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